Patty Clayton has been one of those quiet come’n on ‘er's that, no doubt has arrived!

She has a nice easy gait that makes you want to stay on the trail with her ‘til the end of the ride. Her voice glides! Her versatility is wondrous! As a writer and instrumentalist she has impressed me with her deep interest in the many facets of the western genre. As a co-writer she has proven to be one of the easiest people to work with I have found. She is just a pleasure to know. I reckon she is a keeper!

Les Buffham, WMA Cowboy Poet of the Year

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Astraddle A Saddle (CWM 2654)

1.  4 Rode By

2.  Ben and Ole’s Land

3.  Astraddle a Saddle

4.  I Didn’t Know the Gun Was Loaded 

5.  Dakota Sunset

6.  Red Buffalo

7.  When the Campfire is Low

8.  Abby Kane

9.  Wyoming Wind (featuring Rich O’Brien)

10. The Vaquero and Me  (duet with Juni Fisher)          

11. Let’s Dance Under Prairie Skies 

12. He Was No Hero

13. Happy Trails to You


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Astraddle A Saddle


Swingin’ On A Gate (CWM21563) 

This is a SINGLE release, the only song on this disc is Swingin’ On A Gate. This is not a full length CD! You can purchase  the song by clicking on the  BUY CD! tab to the left for a digital download from CD BABY or CONTACT PATTY to order a physical CD.

A Matter of Time (CWM 2048)

1.  A Matter of Time

  1. 2. Montana's Yesterday          

3.  Her Pride 

4.  Prairie in the Sky 

5.  Mother's Day 

6.  One Horse Stands Alone 

7.  Yellow Moon Keep Shining 

8.  An El Niño Story 

9.  Gallop to Kansas

10. Pale Horse, Pale Rider  

11. Across the Wide Missouri / Great Pioneer  

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Just a Little Bit Cowgirl

Just a Little Bit Cowgirl (CWM 2250)

1.  Just a Little Bit Cowgirl

2.  The Legacy

3.  Colorado Full Moon     

4.  Someplace Far Away  

5.  Goodbye Little Pinto  

6.  Worship in the Prairie Wind    

7.  This is My Land 

8.  Ginger (the Wonder Horse)/Spotted Pony    

9.  Leaves of Summer     

10. Freedom in the Wind  

11. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

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the title track

A Matter of Time

all contents copyright Patty Clayton 2018

All of Patty’s ORIGINAL songs are available in digital download format as well. Just click on the title below and you will be automatically be directed to the web page where you can purchase either single songs, or an ‘album’ featuring Patty’s original songs from that CD.

Originals from A Matter of Time, Originals from Just a Little Bit Cowgirl,

Originals from Astraddle A Saddle, Originals from Dancin’ In Denver

Dancin’ In Denver (CWM 21159)

  1. 1.Let’s Dance

  2. 2.Black Hay

  3. 3.Arizona Moonlight (featuring Rich O’Brien)

  4. 4.Dancin’ In Denver

  5. 5.Your Saddle Is Empty Old Pal

  6. 6.Pa’u Riders

  7. 7.Looking Glass

  8. 8.Wanda Walker

  9. 9.Cowboy Hula (Na Cowboy)

  10. 10. Montana Cowboy

  11. 11. My Heart Beats for the Boogie

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the title track

Dancin’ In Denver

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a short sample of Swingin’ On A Gate